TAP Awards recognises the most trusted and loved brands in the Parenting and Pregnancy world.

How are the participants chosen?

The TAP team will choose participants for each product category based on received brand submissions and editorial research.

What are the various Awards type in the TAP Awards??

TAP Awards brings two types of Awards

Parents’ Choice Awards

  • Parents Choice Awards winners will be chosen by TAP users and community members via voting
  • All votes will be placed through the TAP Awards website and TAP App
  • Voters will only be able to submit their votes once (unique ID is required)
  • The product that will receive the highest number of votes will win
  • Parents’ Choice Awards categories may vary and break into more specific areas based on product USPs, community engagement, etc. (e.g. Best Growing up Formula milk)

VIPs’ Choice Awards

  • The VIPs’ Choice winners will be chosen by selected  TAP VIPP judges
  • TAP VIP is a mix of our community of influential parents and celebrity parents
  • The product that will receive the highest number of votes and highest score will win
  • VIPs’ Choice Awards categories may vary from Parents’ Choice Awards

How does voting work for Parents’ Choice Awards?

Parents’ Choice Awards will be voted exclusively by the public. theAsianparent readers and community users will be encouraged through our websites and social media platforms to vote for their favourite brands. This is the time for mums, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, godparents and anyone else in the know to have their say and vote for the brands they truly believe in. It’s also the time for nominated brands to ask their customers to support them by voting for the products they have purchased and adored so far

What is the criteria for a brand  to be a  nominated brand/product?

To be considered as a nominee, a product must: 

  • Be available for purchase online/offline in the said market (TAP Awards 2021 is launched in Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia)
  • Fall into one of the 9 main categories (categories listed below)
  • Have been on the market for a minimum of 6 months prior to submission
  • Remain on the market minimally till  the end of 2021

What are the categories of TAP Awards 2021?

  1. Formula Milk (Maternal Milk, Growing-up Milk, Fresh Milk)
  2. Diapers (Tape, Pull Up)
  3. Nursing (Breast Pump, Nipple cream, Baby Food)
  4. Maternity (Stretch mark cream, Family insurance, Maternity Hospital)
  5. Bath & Skin care (Shampoo/Body Wash, Moisturiser, Sensitive Skincare)
  6. On the Go (Carrier, Stroller, Car seat)
  7. Baby Care (Steriliser, Baby monitor, Baby food)
  8. Enrichment center/Preschools
  9. Innovative product of the year

TAP Awards 2021 Timeline

Nov 1st: Voting Begins

Nov 30th: Voting Ends for public

Dec 9th: Winners to be announced in a virtual event, as well as amplified  all over TAP Platforms.


All votes are placed through the TAP Awards website and TAP App

Our scoring system is transparent and honest – brands or products with the greatest number of votes in each category are crowned the winner.

Voters are only able to vote once with a unique ID.